The students from Vietnam enjoyed their English Immersion Classes

The students from Vietnam enjoyed their English Immersion Classes

ESL Group Class in Boulder

ESL Group Class in Boulder

ESL Learn & Explore Program- Hiking in Boulder

ESL Learn & Explore Program- Hiking in Boulder

ESL Group classes are part-time, and meet for 16 hours each week, for 2 weeks, for a total of 32 hours. This program immerses students in the English language, making the learning process easy and fun. Our instructors are certified and experienced. Classes are small, just 3-7 students. This allows teachers and students to interact as much as possible during class time. Lessons will be focused on conversation. Students will learn English through fun dialogues, pronunciation exercises, cultural topics, grammar, and interactive speaking and listening activities. 


Beginning and Intermediate

  • Beginning level - For students who only know a few English words and phrases. The student might be able to read and understand a small amount of English, but is unable to write correct sentence structure and tense conjugation. 

  • Intermediate level - Students understand 20-30% of what is spoken in English, feel confident with short sentence structure, and are familiar with present tense conjugation. They might be able to order food, however can not get involved in more deep general conversation. Students will work on past, future and additional tenses in class. 

Price: $1,100 per student includes tuition and class materials. If paying with a credit card please add a 3% processing fee. 

Additional information

  • We request that all students take a free placement test.

  • If less than the minimum required number of students register for class (3), then the classes will be reduced to a total of 24 hours of instruction. 

  • There will be a 10 minute break scheduled between class hours. 

  • For non-residents of Colorado there is an enrollment fee of $120.


Fall and Winter Classes (2019 - 2020)


Spring and Summer Classes (2020)

ESL Group Classes

For more information on English Group Classes call our office: