Group Classes

Group classes provide a cost effective way to learn a new language with a small group of your peers.  Class size ranges from 4-8 students, to allow for individual attention and comprehension. This, coupled with interactive exercises as a group or in pairs, and we dare you to say you're not enjoying yourself by lesson's end.

Cost per student:

Spanish: 199$ Including Class materials, 6, 90 minute classes and 3 hours of conversational clubs

French & Italian 4 week course: $ 179 - 90 minute session

French & Italian 8 week Course: $335 - 8, 90 Minute sessions.

Conversational Class: $199

*Payment via credit card will result in a 2% credit card fee.


Journey language will provide an integrative book to each student.  These books were created in conjunction with our program. The book contains writing, grammar topics, and interactive conversational exercises. Each book covers two courses.

Cost for Class Materials: Dependent on Language/Program

*Class Material Cost is Included for All Group Classes.

Group Class Schedule

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*Credit for classes will expire 6 months after payment