Parking - Boulder Office

Please park in the spots marked "Customer" or "Visitor," or park along the street.  Any spots with numbers are reserved for RESIDENTS, whom we want to respect. Rest assured, there is ample parking available surrounding the office. 

Longmont Office (706 Kimbark Street)

Located near 287 in the heart of downtown Longmont


Kimbark lies 1 block east of Highway 287/Main street. Our property is next to Elaine's Bed and Breakfast which lies on the NE corner. If the weather is nice, be on the lookout for a Spanish or American flag blowing in the wind!

Boulder Office (850 Laramie Blvd., Unit C)

From US 36/28th street

Take 36 West past Gateway Fun Park and turn left onto Broadway. Rather quickly, you will take the first right onto Laramie Blvd. There, you will see a mixed use area with a parking lot on your left. The 850 building is where our office is located (First floor, next to a salon).  

From Broadway

Take the very last left onto Laramie Blvd. Look for a clearing with a parking lot on the left and open space farther down. Turn into parking lot. Our building is on the SE corner on the first floor.



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