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Peruvian Cuisine

Enjoy making delicious dishes from one of the best cuisines of the world. The evening includes the cooking lesson and cultural information about Peruvian traditions and destinations. 

Lomo Saltado: Sauted steak with ginger, vinegar, soy sauce, yellow ají and onions. Accompanied by baked small potatoes. 

Ensalada de Rabanito: A nutritional and healthy salad with radishes, kale, spinach, olive oil and Peruvian flavors.

COST: 1 person - $59.00, 2 people - $118.00, for 3 people - $165
**for an evening that will leave your brain and stomach satisfied.  

Location:  706 Kimbark St. Longmont, 80501

*We are not able to provide wine.  However, please feel free to bring your own bottle for the occasion!

**Due to the amount of ingredients purchased for a specified number of individuals, we do not offer refunds for this event.  Please plan on arriving on time.