Translations & Interpretations

Journey Language Center offers high quality translation and interpretation services for individuals and businesses in the United States.

Translations by JLC

The translation staff at Journey is confident in working with high priority documents which include legal, technical, marketing, business, and more.

The JLC translation staff is selected based on their exceptional linguistic skills and technical expertise. Our translators will provide you with personal attention that responds to your language needs, and give you an accurate, well-written translation service.

We can help you translate these types of documents:

  • Legal Contracts and Documents

  • Birth Certificates

  • Technical Documents

  • Employee Handbooks and Training Manuals

  • Business and Marketing documents (websites, brochures, postcards)

JLC Translation Rates

$40 per page for non-certified translation. A page has 290 words. This price will increase $10 if the page has more than 300 words or if the document is of high complex content.

Other translation companies regularly charge .15 – .17 cents per word. You get 20%-25% in savings with Journey Language Center translation service.

Interpretations by JLC

Interpretation Image.jpeg

At Journey Language Center we strive to increase cultural awareness and “Speak to the World”. When language creates a barrier, our foreign language interpretation services can help you achieve your goals and objectives. We will bring both meaning and perception to the conversation so that communication is accurate and understood by everyone. There is more to interpretation than just words. JLC’s skilled interpreters convert the words, cultural concepts and the meaning of a message.

Whether you need to communicate in Spanish or English, you need a skilled interpreter to get the job done and give you the competitive edge. JLC Interpretation Services provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreters for business meetings.


  • Business Negotiations

  • Health Care Appointments

  • Financial Meetings

Make sure your business ventures are successful. Hire our professional interpreters to ensure that there are no communication barriers or misunderstandings to impede your progress. The benefits of interpretation:

  • Get your message across to a broader audience

  • Comprehend what is being offered

  • Expand the horizons of your possibilities

  • Close that deal