Private Classes

Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese

We provide private lessons for all ages!

“Speak to the World”! Whether you are learning a language for business, personal, or travel purposes, Journey Language Center can customize lessons to your goals and needs. Our private lessons, taught by experienced instructors, include conversation, grammar, cultural topics, vocabulary and listening exercises.

We believe the knowledge of other cultures is essential to learning a language. At Journey we spread cultural awareness by teaching the traditions, customs, and values of others. Our teachers offer one-on-one instruction at any JLC location or in the convenience of a home, office, library, or coffee shop.**

Cost Per lesson*:

  • Private (1 student): $55 Per hour

  • Semi-Private (2 students): $75 Per Hour ($37.50 per person)

We offer packages of 6 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours, 24 hours, and custom packages.

Current Promotions:

  • 12 hour package includes 1 additional hour free!

  • 18 hour package includes 1 additional hour free plus 1 Cultural Cooking Class*! (Cooking class is part of the 18 hours.)

  • 24 hour package includes 2 additional hour free!

    *Cultural Cooking classes are offered in English or bilingually by Journey Culinary Ltd, a sister company of JLC.

One-On-One Private Lesson Packages
Semi-Private Lesson Packages

Class Materials

JLC provides an integrative book to each student. These books were created in conjunction with our personal language program. The books contains topics in writing, grammar, and interactive conversational exercises. Each book covers two course levels.

Cost for Class Materials*:

There is a $35 fee per person for class materials.

*Payment via credit card will incur a 3% credit card fee.

**Offsite lessons: Any private lessons in Boulder County that do not take place in our offices may be subject to a $35 - $55 surcharge per visit.

***Credit for classes paid will expire 6 months after payment.

Learning a second language can be easy and fun!

Learning a second language can be easy and fun!

Cultural Cooking Classes at JLC Longmont. Muy Delicioso!

Cultural Cooking Classes at JLC Longmont. Muy Delicioso!