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Call us at (720) 466-9263 or (303) 827-5965 for help with your enrollment or for assistance with tuition payments.

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EXAMPLE: Spanish Beginning 1 group classes on Tuesdays, 10:00-11:30am, in Boulder. EXAMPLE: 12 private French lessons on Fridays, 1:00-3:00pm, in Longmont starting March 3.

If you have any questions regarding our group classes, private lessons, or tutoring please call (720) 466-9263 or (303) 827-5965 or email for assistance.

Rescheduling & Cancellation of Classes

For Private Lessons: To reschedule a class, students must notify either their instructor or the school administration, 48 hours prior to the start of the class. This lesson should be rescheduled, at the latest, by the last class session. If notification is less than 48 hours prior to the class start time, the student will forfeit the class.

For Group Classes: During the term, if students miss one or more sessions, they can make them up in two different ways:

  • Attend another group class free of charge, if available.

  • Purchase private sessions. JLC offers a 50% discount for group class students who purchase make-up lessons.

JLC reserves the right to use a substitute instructor, or cancel a session when necessary, if the scheduled instructor cannot attend class due to a health issue or emergency. If a class must be canceled by the instructor or the administration, the session will be rescheduled at the most convenient time for the students.

Class Format & Enrollment Policy

Group classes are designed to cover 3 chapters of the class book/JLC curriculum. For a group class to remain as scheduled, a minimum of three students must register. When less than 3 students enroll, the school must make adjustments to the original class schedule. The school will respect the content of the group class, and the curriculum topics covered. 

  • When two students are enrolled, the group class will be converted into a semi-private class. Students will receive six 1 hour sessions (or four 90 minute sessions). Semi-private classes will cover the same topics offered in group class. 

  • When only one student is enrolled, the group class will be converted into a private class. Student will receive four 1 hour sessions. Private classes will cover the same topics offered in group class.