SPANISH is Easy & Fun at Journey Language Center, in Group Classes or Private Lessons.

SPANISH is Easy & Fun at Journey Language Center, in Group Classes or Private Lessons.

Journey Language  Center is a great place to learn and improve a language. I am from Colombia and I was looking for a school that will help me to improve my English. I have been in Journey Language Center for about 3 months and I feel that my English is much more fluent. People from my work see the improvements. I love to come to this place, because the classes are fun, and the teachers are excellent.  Definitively, I would recommend this place for everyone who would like to learn or improve a language.
— Juan Quintero, Boulder, ESL

I have been studying here for a year and a half now, and I love it! First of all, the teachers are excellent and all the course-work has paid off tremendously. I have gained a lot of confidence in speaking Spanish to native speakers, and the more I do, the better I get. Second, the teachers and my course-mates are fantastic. It really feels more like a family than a school. If you really want to learn Spanish, this is the place for you.
— Mary Wolf, Boulder, Spanish Group Class
Wonderful instructors that are able to provide a tailored experience conducive to your own learning style. I have taken lessons from Jay, Jala, and David and have no hesitation in recommending them all!
— Thao Le, Boulder, Spanish Private Lessons
Learning English can be FUN! ESL Students from Brazil, 2019

Learning English can be FUN! ESL Students from Brazil, 2019

I have been taking individual Spanish lessons with David since November 2018 and just signed up for my third set of classes! My reason for learning Spanish is to better connect with my clients as a public health dietitian. I already feel more confident using my basic skills to build rapport and I can read/write far better than I expected. Now that we had added conversation-only classes with Jala, my confidence in speaking and comprehension is growing each week. I highly recommend the classes here. They really do make it fun and easy. I’m also extremely grateful in their ability to work around my hectic work schedule. Gracias JLC!
— gmacey93, Boulder, Spanish for the Workplace
Jay and Journey Language Center provide wonderful service and fantastic offerings in language classes. I take Spanish lessons with Jay and he provides personalized lessons around real estate (Turner Realty in Longmont) for me. I appreciate the personal touches and it is obvious that Jay loves what he does. As a company, Journey Language Center has always been professional and efficient. I highly recommend it as a place to learn languages in Northern Colorado.
— Jesse L. Turner, Longmont, Spanish for Business (Real Estate)
No words can tell how much the students, staff, and parents enjoyed the classes offered by Journey Language Center
— Rebecca Upthegrove – School Coordinator at Burlington Elementary
Summer Camp Kids.png
This school is fantastic. My kids have attended Spanish camps here for the past 2 summers and I was very impressed with the professionalism and creativity of the instructors.
I have been taking private lessons here for the past several months and have made tremendous progress. Learning a language through this center has been fun and inspiring. Thankfully, it is a style that is much different than the way I was taught French in high school!
— Dana Vaughan, Boulder, Spanish Children's Camp & French Classes
I would highly recommend this class because of the great instructors, and their high teaching ability patience. The classes were just right, and perfectly customized to my culinary needs. (I took this class to improve my French in order to start a 12-week pastry program at Lenotre School in Paris.)
— Jacqueline Malcolm-Peck, Boulder & Longmont, French
I have been a student for several years now. The instructors are excellent and take a personal interest in assuring you are progressing. The subject material is tailored to your needs. The school offers a wide variety of activities outside of the class to augment your learning. I love the teaching style of the various instructors. They really have a way of making the learning process fun!
— Daniel White, Boulder
I liked the steady way Instructor Isnali moved through the Italian class material, so we could learn and use the new knowledge. I also liked that she is very upbeat and positive!
— Helen Stone, Boulder, Italian Classes
Private tutoring with Jay has proven to be very productive, rewarding, and fun! Jay is a true professional and provides quality one-on-one tutoring that is custom tailored to my learning style and speed. His ability to adapt his teaching style to my learning style is impressive, and the result has been a dramatic improvement in my speaking, writing, and reading skills.
— Boyd Wilkinson, Boulder, Spanish Tutoring
I decided to get a Spanish tutor to improve my conversational skills and I am so glad I went with JLC. Jay is a wonderful teacher with patience and a great sense of humor. Each week he brings new activities that expand my learning. He uses music, articles, and even TV commercials to improve my vocabulary skills. After a few months I have more confidence speaking Spanish and feel I have learned a ton. I would recommend Jay to anyone who is looking for a Spanish teacher.
— Rachel Hahn, Denver, Spanish
The best Spanish class we’ve ever taken
— Becky and Steve, Boulder
Attending classes at Journey allowed me to get involved in real life situations, such as problem solving and case work. JLC provides an enjoyable and relaxed environment that makes it very easy to retain information.
— Mike Powell, Longmont
I liked this small class because I have more opportunity to practice. David is a great teacher, very professional!
— Rosanne Snyder, Broomfield
I loved this class! It was so much fun. Everything was fantastic, the instructor, the topics, and the atmosphere.
— Christine Sabol, Longmont
Cooking Classes at Journey Culinary are Easy, Fun, & Delicious, Longmont, CO

Cooking Classes at Journey Culinary are Easy, Fun, & Delicious, Longmont, CO

I participated in Journey Language Center’s cultural and cooking event and had such a fun afternoon! Students of all different levels listened to music, drank wine, and helped to prepare a delicious meal of Spanish and Peruvian dishes. While we sampled cheese and ham, Jay and David gave us some background information pertaining to the food we were going to prepare. Then we headed to the kitchen to cook, using high-quality, mostly organic ingredients. When everything was ready, we sat down at a beautifully set table and enjoyed an incredible meal. I left happy and very satisfied, looking forward to signing up for the next cooking event.
— Lissa McIntyre, Longmont, Cooking Class, Journey Culinary
I liked this class. It was fun. This made the learning process easy.
— Joanne Patterson, Longmont
We love Melissa! She is able to work with all abilities so well. She is so well prepared with visuals and fun exercises as well as using our textbook each week. She has encouraged us to watch fun films and on line videos to improve our French. The pace seems perfect and we look forward to our class each week.
— Jana Bagwell, Longmont
I took Spanish for two years and I was able to read and write, but never be able to speak it. When I started at Journey Language Center I finally found the class I was looking for to be able to speak my new language in few weeks.
— Mark B. Heinz, Boulder
I took the beginning level class at Journey Language Center and I liked
it a lot. I like that we were able to practice speaking a lot and that my instructor corrected me when I made mistakes and was very patient when I spoke slowly.
— Alise Watkins, Longmont