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A Journey of Flavors: Perú & Spain

We are delighted to announce the publication of our first cooking recipe book A Journey of Flavors: Perú & Spain. 

This book was written by Jay Minaya, our main executive cook. Jay is an experienced cooking instructor and connoisseur of good food. This book lists classic and easy to prepare dishes from two of the world's best cuisines. The book has been edited in English and Spanish, and dedicated to those who want to learn more about the art of cooking and a bit of Spanish cooking expressions and phrases. 

To Purchase a Copy:

Private Lessons
  • At JLC Offices - $35.00

  • On Amazon - $39.50


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Beginning Level 1

A “Portuguese is Easy & Fun” Program

We are excited to announce the publication of our first Portuguese language book!

  • Written by David Minaya

With this book, you will be introduced to vowel and consonant pronunciation exercises, useful phrases, and twelve vocabulary sets. With this vocabulary, you will learn basic grammatical structure, including the proper use of articles, nouns and adjectives, their gender and number agreement, and the use of the verbs Essere and Stare (to be).

The book can be purchase at all JLC Locations and on Amazon.

To Purchase a Copy:

  • At JLC Offices - $35.00

  • On Amazon - $39.50


Spanish Journey

A “Spanish is Easy & Fun Program”

Class Text Book for all Spanish Level Classes.

Coming Soon!


italian Journey

A “Italian is Easy & Fun Program”

Class Text Book for all Italian Level Classes.

Coming Soon!