With our program you may surprise yourself by how quickly you learn and converse in French.  

Whether you are planning a trip to Paris, need to prepare for an upcoming French exam, or just need to flex your French speaking muscle, we have a program for you.

Our lessons provide a gateway into French language and culture. All of our classes are friendly and engaging, whether in small groups or private lessons. Our French instructors are certified and use a conversational approach to language learning. This means less chalkboard time and memorization of grammar rules, and more time conversing. Whether you are a novice or advanced speaker, you will see results tout de suite!

Family French lesson avec Melissa!

Family French lesson avec Melissa!

Keith in a private French lesson

Keith in a private French lesson

Conversational French lessons are available in Longmont and Boulder. 

Group French classes will be provided in our Boulder location.


French Programs

Group Classes
(Beginning to Advanced)

Private and
Semi-Private Lessons


Children’s Programs

Conversational and
Cultural Events


Study Abroad Immersion Programs (Coming Soon!)

Tutoring session with Edmund.

Tutoring session with Edmund.

French Tutoring with Melissa