Cultural Cooking Class & Events… now provided by

Journey Culinary, Ltd.

The Journey Family Grows ... 

After several years of bringing cultural awareness to Boulder County, through high quality language programs for adults and children, cultural events, and cultural cooking classes, the Journey family has expanded our brand name into the culinary world. With Journey Culinary Ltd. our goal is to keep inspiring culture awareness through food, language, and music. 

Journey Culinary Ltd. began operations in June of this year. Located in downtown Longmont, Journey Culinary will connect language, culture, and food to provide a unique and delicious cultural cooking class experience. We specialize in the following cuisines: Mediterranean (Southern Spain & Italy), European (Portugal & France), Latin American (Peru), Vegetarian, and Eclectic American (local dishes as well as international). Most of our class events will be conducted in two languages. 

Language Lovers and Food Lover will enjoy our Classes!

We welcome everyone; foodies, non-foodies, vegetarians, travelers and language lovers. If you know a lot or a bit of a second language, we offer food-language oriented classes in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese & ESL. Come and join us at these delicious and cultural events.

All of our cooking events will be provided by Journey Culinary. Some events are bilingual so they will be conducted in Spanish, Italian or French. Classes offered include: Flavors of France, Peruvian Cuisine Night, Spanish Tapas and World Food.

To learn more about our cooking with language events, please visit us at

To see a calendar of upcoming cultural cooking events please go to:

Journey Language Center 

850 Laramie Blvd, Unit C

Boulder, CO 80304

Journey Culinary, Ltd.

706 Kimbark St

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