Language Immersion Program!

Learn or Significantly Improve your Spanish* In two Weeks!

For those who take learning Spanish seriously, there is no better way to learn Spanish than with this intensive, immersive experience. Perfect for those who need to learn Spanish for work, having an upcoming trip and/or deadline, or for those committed to learning Spanish.  This program will include multiple hours of lessons and activities so that you get the most out of every lesson. 


This program also available in French, English, and Italian.

745.00 This includes everything shown below including:

  • 14 hours of instruction over the course of 2-3 weeks
  • 2 hours of conversational clubs
  • A program fine-tuned to your language needs and goals
  • Cover at least two levels of Spanish
  • 2-3 instructors ensuring you are exposed different accents and topics
  • Class Materials 
  • Ability to work with your schedule
  • Cultural presentation given by a native speaker
  • Authentic Latin cuisine at a local restaurant as provided and paid for by the instructors
  • Conversational excursion activities which include talking to native Spanish speakers in a real world environment

For more information, please contact the immersion program manager at or (303) 827-5965.